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Your home is your castle, and for many, the comforts of home means being able to enjoy a soft, plushy carpet under their feet after a long day. Indeed, there are very few people who dislike the feeling of carpeting, making it an extremely popular flooring material.  There are so many choices in carpeting, with hundreds of color, material, and texture combinations to consider.

At Carpet One Floor & Home of Columbia we promise to bring you nothing less than the best quality carpets available. As you begin the often harrowing process of picking out your new carpet, you’ll encounter many carpet characteristics to choose from: pile, style, cushion, and base, for starters.

What are the Different Types of Carpet?

When picking out a new carpet for your home you want to consider pile styles, they play a role in the height of your carpet as well as if there is a design or not. Check out the video above to learn more about pile styles. You also want to choose a color of your carpet that compliments your home décor, brightens up a room, or even hides stains and pet fur. The types of fibers also affect how your carpet functions, so synthetic fibers are great for durability, but a natural fiber like wool has a lot of great properties that can make a positive impact in your home.

  • Frieze carpeting boasts long, fuzzy, unruly fibers. It has a softer, more casual appearance. 
  • Loop carpeting boasts smaller fibers that are looped at the end. It has a lower profile and can be used in both casual and formal settings.  
  • Cut Pile carpeting boasts extremely short fibers, resulting from a complex process of hooping, trimming, and brushing.  It has a formal appearance. 
  • Textured carpeting boasts a rougher, low profile due to its woven fibers. This type of carpeting tends to be extra durable.

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There are many advantages of carpeting for your floor.  It’s affordable and often quick to install. Once installed, carpeting can also result in a dramatic transformation for your space. It’s highly effective at insulating the room, keeping it cool in the summertime and warm in the wintertime. It also serves as highly effective noise insulation and thus protects your privacy.

Our Carpet & Rug Selection

As a proud member of Carpet One Floor & Home, the world’s largest cooperative of independently-owned-and-operated flooring stores, Columbia’s preferred destination for carpeting and installation services.

We carry some of today’s most trusted carpeting and rug brands, including some exciting Carpet One exclusives that aren’t available at other stores. Among the brands we carry are Tigressa, and Relax its Lees.

Learn more below about carpet and be sure to stop by our showroom and speak with a flooring expert about installing carpet in your home.

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Best Carpet

Choosing the right carpet can get tricky. Be sure to know which room you want to install carpet in and then determine if you need something that is stain resistant or maybe something that is ultra-plush.

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Carpet Basics

There are many types of carpets available, all made from different fibers and twists. Visit our Flooring Guide to learn more.

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