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About Carpet 

At Carpet One Floor & Home in Columbia we only bring you the best quality carpets available. Carpet is still once of the top choices among homeowners today because of the warmth it brings to their homes. There are many carpet characteristics that play a role such as the pile style, the carpet cushion, and the base material. What most carpets have in common is they combine style, warmth, and functionality all into one product.

What are the Different Types of Carpet?

When picking out a new carpet for your home you want to consider pile styles, they play a role in the height of your carpet as well as if there is a design or not. Continue scrolling down this page to watch a video about pile styles. You also want to choose a color of your carpet that compliments your home décor, brightens up a room, or even hides stains and pet fur. The types of fibers also affect how your carpet functions, so synthetic fibers are great for durability, but a natural fiber like wool has a lot of great properties that can make a positive impact in your home.

Learn more below about carpet and be sure to stop by our showroom and speak with a flooring expert about installing carpet in your home.

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