Area Rugs

The benefits of Area Rugs

Custom Area Rugs

An incredibly versatile flooring option to consider is an area rug. Area Rugs have the ability to add a decorative, artistic touch to a room, while providing the practical features of warmth and protection of your floors. Area rugs can either be an excellent accent piece to assist with your flooring investment, or they can be the star of your floor. Here at Carpet One in Columbia, MO our staff is able to work with you and find how an area rug can benefit your home.

In addition to protecting your flooring underneath, there are a number of other benefits to owning an area rug. Area rugs are able provide a warm and comfortable underfoot that is inviting to guests. Since it is not tied down to the floor similar to other flooring options, the potential landing spot for an area rug can change as well.

There a number of different fibers within area rugs that each offers their own unique advantages:

Rug Fibers – Natural

- Sisal: made of plant fibers and is environmentally friendly, provides unique textures
- Wool: Strong and durable, can handle heavy foot traffic, stain and soil resistant
- Silk: Adds high luster to the surface of the rug, luxurious
- Cotton: Casual looks, easy to wash, inexpensive

Rug Fibers – Synthetic

- Nylon: Stain resistant and does well in high traffic areas
- Polyester: Brilliant colors and has a soft and luxurious feel
- Olefin: Affordable, colorfast, and stain resistant

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