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Tile Backsplashes

The purpose of backsplash tiling is easy to guess based on the name: It protects your walls from backsplash. These are the tiles that go behind your counter, your stove, and your sink in the kitchen. Without backsplash tiles, you're going to see a lot of moisture splashing your walls when you wash the dishes, you're going to see a lot of oil collecting on the wall behind the stove, and you're going to be stuck trying to scrub tomato seeds off the wall without ruining the paint.

Backsplash tile will help to keep your walls from suffering any serious damage in the kitchen, but these tiles are much more than just a practical solution to kitchen spills and splashes. Backsplash tiles can make the difference between an elegant, tasteful appearance, and a sort of bare, utilitarian looking kitchen.

Backsplash tiling is one area of kitchen decor that allows you to get very creative. You can use a bunch of small tiles to create a beautiful mosaic pattern, you can mix two colors of tile for a checkerboard American diner look, or go with simple white ceramic tile for a beautiful, clean sort of style. Because the tiles are only intended to deflect moisture, you don't have so many concerns when it comes to durability and insulation as you do when selecting flooring. This means that you can simply install what you like. Nobody's going to be walking on these tiles or setting heavy soup pots on them, so if a tile's in your budget, the only thing left to worry about is whether or not you like how it looks.