Information on the different types of carpet to consider for your home.

Types Of Carpet Flooring

Carpet flooring is available in virtually every color of the rainbow and constructed from a variety of durable materials, making it a smart and beautiful choice for almost any room in the home. In order to pick the perfect carpet for your home life and budget, it’s important to understand the different types of carpet available and how they are manufactured.

Cut Pile Carpet

Cut pile carpet is by far the most popular choice used today. Cut pile has a softer texture than loop pile and is an excellent choice for bedrooms, dens, and other rooms where comfort plays a significant factor. Cut pile carpet is available in several subtypes:

  • Saxony: This is the most traditional type of carpet, with a uniform texture and surface. Footprints and other marks show on a standard saxony carpet, however, a textured saxony is available that eliminates this problem.
  • Shag: A famous icon of earlier decades, shag carpet with its super-long yarn length, has enjoyed a recent surge in popularity. Very comfortable underfoot, shag carpet can become crushed down and can be one of the more expensive carpets.
  • Velvet: Elegant and luxurious, velvet carpet is a perfect for bedrooms and formal rooms. This carpet shows footprints, furniture, and vacuum marks.
  • Frieze: A good carpet for high traffic areas of the home, it is constructed of a highly twisted yarn. Frieze carpet is very durable and mark resistant.
  • Cable: Made with thicker yarn, cable carpet is very durable, yet comfortable and soft underfoot. However, it can crush down under traffic like shag and may require more maintenance.

Loop Pile Carpet
These fibers aren’t cut in the manufacturing process, but left in a loop shape, making this high-performance carpet extremely durable. It is also cushiony underfoot, making it comfortable for bare feet.

  • Multi-level loop carpet is manufactured with looped yarn of different heights to give the carpet an attractive patterned look. This carpet is very durable and ideal for an informal setting, such as a family room, because of its ability to hide stains and dirt.
  • Cut-loop pile carpet combines the textures of looped and cut yarn to form many design and textural effects. It has the stain and soil-hiding advantages of multi-level pile carpet.

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