Pros of Cork Flooring

cork flooring in Columbia, MOCork flooring, which is actually made from the bark of cork oak trees (found in Portugal, Spain, and Tunisia), is one of the most unique and attractive flooring options available today. What are some of the pros of cork flooring?

• Cork flooring is extremely durable for a natural, renewable material. It resists abrasions and cracking, and also is impermeable to liquid and gas. One of its best qualities is that it bounces back, meaning that any indentations put into it by furniture will only be temporary. If your floor is properly maintained, it can last for 40 years or longer

• Cork flooring is a fantastic choice for sound reduction. It doesn't only dampen sound, it actually absorbs it. Cork is such an excellent sound reduction substance that it's used for walls of recording studios, so that clear soundtracks free of any background noises can be produced. It's also the preferred material for home theater rooms

• Cork flooring is ecofriendly. It is sustainably harvested - no bark is collected until the tree is 25+ years old - and after the first harvest, it can be collected every 8 to 14 years without harming the tree. Some cork trees have a lifespan of 800 years, but most trees live for 150-200 years

• Cork flooring prevents allergen buildup because it absorbs microbial matter. It is also resistant to termites, mold, and mildew. It doesn't shed microfibers that negatively affect the quality of the indoor air

• A cork floor is fire-resistant, since it will only ignite or melt at the highest of temperatures

• A cork floor is versatile and aesthetically pleasing. It's available in planks or tiles of many sizes, styles, and colors. You can use tiles in alternating colors to create a beautiful, nontraditional effect. Cork flooring can be used either treated or non-treated, or it can be stained to match your furniture. It looks wonderful in hallways, dining rooms, and kitchens, or outdoors to cover your gazebo area or outdoor patio

• Cork flooring is incredibly comfortable. Because the material "gives" when it's compressed, it makes a soft, yielding cushion under your feet, and this makes for a perfect flooring for children to play on. It also provides a safer surface for the elderly because it has a softer surface in the case of accidental falls

Simply put, cork flooring is unique, ecofriendly, sound absorbing and very attractive.