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Although most of our customers typically shop by design preference and material, it is important to note that Carpet One Columbia offers quality name brand options like Karastan, that are made with quality. From pattern style and color, to size and material, Carpet One Floor & Home in Columbia, MO offers beautifully designed area rugs by Karastan. Whether you're looking for classic, contemporary and modern, transitional or floral, our team can help narrow your area rug options down. In terms of quality, you won’t find cheap area rugs here.
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Area Rug Quality
When you visit carpet stores in Columbia, Missouri, you want to keep in mind the quality of the product you are considering. For example, Karastan recommends that for both carpet and area rugs, observe the backing of the carpet or rug to ensure there is a tight weave. The tighter the weave, the longer the carpet or rug will last.

Naturally, wool repels stains and soil making products much easier to clean but if you’re looking at another material, consider a stain-resistant treatment like Karastan, Solutia, or Stainmaster.

If you’re looking at craftsmanship detail, there is a difference between woven and tufted. Woven carpet and rugs refers to a close-nit weave which results in a better quality rug versus tufted rugs are less so. Tufted rugs are typically cheaper because they take less time to make.

Karastan’s Eco-Rug Benefits

Amidst the quality you should look for, area rugs serve several purposes from redefining a space visually, adding character, protecting the existing hard surface floor, etc., but with Karastan rugs, we are, in our own way, trying to make the world better by being eco-friendly and considerate of our future Earth. Karastan continuously strives to use renewable and sustainable products like wool as well as renewable polymers to bind rugs, helping to decrease energy consumption. Additionally, all Karastan products undergo extensive VOC (volatile organic compound) testing to meet strict standards to be clean air certified. In fact, testing has proven wool naturally aids in removing harmful contaminants from indoor air creating a more breathable and safer environment.

Lastly, Karastan puts emphasis into their woven rugs- they last much longer and result in less, frequent waste. According to Karastan’s Eco-Wise Woven, by increasing longevity by 200% reduces energy consumption by 50%.

Karastan’s Rug Story

The truth behind Karastan’s first rug and what has given them the name of ‘Mystery Rugs’ is quite the story. Karastan was set on a mission to accomplish something competitors hadn’t back in the 1920’s- machine-made rugs versus hand-woven. With a partnership to a textile mill, they were able to replicate elegant rugs with a woven look and tested out their first area rug at the World’s Chicago Fair in 1933. Many people walked on this rug, admiring its beauty but at the end of the day, the rug was covered in filth, stains, and more! Karastan cleaned half of the rug to show the world how its area rug stood up to the test! Karastan continually creates area rugs with beauty, durability, and are quality made.