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Lees is a top-tier carpet that provides performance and beauty fitting any lifestyle!

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Often times our clients are looking for flooring but there are so many brands of flooring favailable that it is sometimes difficult and very overwhelming to determine what the best option really is for your lifestyle, family, and household. Carpet One in Columbia, MO is here to assist you! We strive to offer not only a variety of options but carpet and flooring at an exceptional value offering the great quality you deserve in your home or office space!

Unmatched Quality
Today, we are here to educate you on one specific, tell-tale brand that has been around since 1846 and that’s Relax, It’s… Lees. This brand is sure to please with its extensive stain warranty and long-lasting characteristics all while remaining soft-to-the-touch. This premium brand has been a hot seller and we’re 100% committed to this Carpet One exclusive so much so that we know you’re going to love it.

How long do you want your carpet to last? If you lead a busy lifestyle that involves kids, pets, entertaining guests or all of the above, you’re going to want to invest in flooring that will last forever! Thankfully, Carpet One Columbia can help you budget for your new investment. Now through April 10th, we’re offering store wide savings from 10-50% during our Lees Flooring Sale and Floor-a-phobia spring promotion.

Ultimate Stain Protection
Unlike any other brand of carpet in the industry, Lees has the durability and performance when it comes to stain resistance. You pick the damage; whether it be juice, mud, coffee, grease, wine, bleach AND pet stains, Lees is built to withstand it all! Its nylon fiber technology resists and repels liquids amongst other unthinkable ingredients while proving to be a dense, lush carpet option. Lees features an ExtraLoc backing which is 4x the protection of any standard carpet backing; this means that Relax, It’s… Lees is also going to last 4x longer than any other stain protected, traditional made carpet.

We’ve Got your Back!
From inspiration through to installation, Carpet One Columbia has you backed all the way, including our Ultra25 Stain Warranty which covers 25 years of stains anywhere on your carpet- that means ALL STAINS. This warranty proves we are dedicated to our customer's 100% satisfaction.

Our professional staff is here to answer your questions about Lees. You can visit us in-store to check out all 18 styles available.

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