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Learn about Carpet One Floor & Home and the different products available through our soft selection surfaces!

Our Soft Surface Flooring

Carpet One Floor & Home in Columbia, MO has all of your needs when it comes to flooring- but what type of flooring should you be considering? Our soft surface selection enables our customers to determine what is going to be the best fit!

Carpet  Area Rugs

Carpet is one of the most popular choices in flooring among our residential customers but it’s more than just carpet. It’s about the manufacturing quality, carpet care and maintenance, styles, textures, and features that are
important to learn about. With our exclusive brands, we are
here to assist! Shop Carpet

Our Exclusive Brands:

Our Specialty Brands:

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Carpet Types - Learn about the different types of carpet!

Area rugs are a beautiful add-on to your hard surface flooring and here at Carpet One Floor & Home, we have many varying options to select from. Our specialty brands enable us to truly cater to any style with high-quality products. View Our Area Rugs Selection


Our Specialty Brands:

  • Chandra Rugs
  • Kaleen Rugs
  • Milliken Rugs
  • Karastan Rugs
  • Stanton Rugs
  • Art Carpet Rugs
  • Capel Rugs




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